Gardening @ Montana Garden and Pet

We receive new stock weekly and pride ourselves in our wide selection of plants that are suitable for our gorgeous Lowveld climate.  Montana stocks an incredible array of plants including succulents, ground-covers, trees, roses, seedlings, creepers, shrubs, perennials, bonsais, edibles, and herbs.  The choice of hardware in the form of pots, pavers, water features, trellises, and statues are wide and forever changing and there’s something for everyone’s taste and fancy.   We also stock a selection of gardening tools.

Plant Health is an important aspect too and our staff are trained to know what to offer our clients to combat their particular problem or need at various times of the year. We strongly encourage and advise indigenous and water-wise gardening and we have a superb selection of these plants available throughout the year. Indoor Plants whether used to benefit from their “air cleaning” properties or just for decoration can also be found in our Indoor Section at Montana.

Last but not least is our range of seeds which enable people to experience the joy of watching their plants grow into something beautiful from just a little seed!

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